Panelist Terms of Conditions

Article 1. General Provisions

  • 1. These Terms and Conditions are to set forth rights and obligations between Fem Marketing Asia Pte.Ltd.(hereinafter referred to as “Fem Asia”) and a person whose panelist registration Fem Asia has approved, regarding marketing research activities(hereinafter referred to as “research activities”) conducted by Fem Asia and its client corporations.
  • 2. Provisions newly established or modified by Fem Asia will form a part of the Terms and Conditions and Panelists shall approve and observe them. When provisions are newly established or modified, Fem Asia will inform Panelists in an appropriate manner.
  • 3. Fem Asia may change the Terms and Conditions and the provisions in the preceding paragraph without Panelist's prior consent.
  • 4. If other provisions such as the policy for handling of personal information have any discrepancy with the Terms and Conditions, provisions in the Terms and Conditions supersede.

Article 2. Panelist Eligibility

  • 1. "Panelists" prescribed by Fem Asia are those who agree to the Terms and Conditions and completed all registration procedures.
  • 2. If a person who wishes to register as Panelist is under 18 years old, the person must obtain parental consent prior to such registration.
  • 3. In case Fem Asia decides a certain person is not suited to keeping his/her registration, the registration might be cancelled even after the registration process is completed.
  • 4. If a Panelist himself/herself or his/her family member or close acquaintance works for a marketing research company, or has an occupation that is not suitable as data subject, Fem Asia might turn down their registration based on its own or other organization's judgments.

Article 3. Panelist's Registered Information

  • 1. Panelist's registered information shall be owned by Fem Asia.
  • 2. No false information is accepted in any of the registered items of information declared during the registration process. If declaration of false information is found, the person will be deregistered immediately.
  • 3. Panelists shall agree that his/her registered information might be provided to client corporations that signed a confidentiality agreement with Fem Asia.
  • 4. Provision of panelist information to a client corporation will be conducted with a prior agreement to the terms such as prohibition of usage other than the pre-agreed objectives, disposal of information right after the completion of the research, etc.
  • 5. As to the update procedure periodically conducted by Fem Asia, registered Panelists shall update their registered information within the period of time designated by Fem Asia. If a Panelist does not update their information during the designated time, their subsequent panelist eligibility might expire. When 2 years have passed with Fem Asia not being able to contact the Panelist, their panelist registration will be deleted.
  • 6. In order to maintain accuracy/quality of its research execution, Fem Asia may call up the phone number on the registration paper to verify that the person described in the registered information is actually the person who made the registration and that the registered information is accurate.

Article 4. Prohibited Acts by Panelists

1. Panelists must not conduct the activities below or activities which might cause below. Fem Asia does not take responsibility for any damages caused by fraudulent acts and mistakes by Panelists or usage by third parties.

  • a. Acts which offend public order and morals
  • b. Acts which violate the law, regulations and other statutes
  • c. Acts which violate copyrights of Fem Asia, other panelists or third parties
  • d. Acts which defame other panelists or third parties
  • e. Acts which cause disadvantage to other panelists or third parties
  • f. Election campaign or similar activities, or acts that violate statutes such as Public Offices Elections Law
  • g. Acts that obstruct the operation of research activities
  • h. Make false registration or give false answer during research
  • i. Business activities not approved by Fem Asia
  • j. Redundant registration by the same person or registering as a different person
  • k. Acts to disclose, leak, reveal contents of research to a third party (including posts on BB/websites/blogs/SNS)
  • l. Acts to make fraudulent responses
  • m. Acts to misuse for a profit
  • n. Other acts considered by Fem Asia as inappropriate

Article 5. Withdrawal

  • 1. Wishing to withdraw from panelist registration, Panelists shall notify Fem Asia based on Fem Asia’s designated procedure. Panelists are officially withdrawn when necessary procedures are completed at Fem Asia and Fem Asia shall terminate all rights as Panelist including panelist eligibility at this point.
  • 2. From the point that withdrawal procedures are complete onwards, Fem Asia shall not conduct any procedures such as payment of compensation for referrals or any other inquiries.

Article 6. Termination of Panelist Eligibility

1. If a Panelist corresponds to any of the following, Fem Asia may terminate the panelist eligibility regardless of panelist's consent.

  • a. Conducted prohibited acts described in Article 4.
  • b. Does not perform the obligations described in Article 9.
  • c. Violated any of these Terms and Conditions.

2. When terminating panelist eligibility, Fem Asia shall terminate all rights owned by Panelist. In this case, Fem Asia does not inform the Panelist of the termination.

Article 7. Compensation for Damage

1. If a Panelist violated these Terms and Conditions and caused damage to Fem Asia or third parties, Fem Asia may make a claim for damages to the Panelist.

Article 8. Personal Information

  • 1. Fem Asia, in compliance with its "Privacy Policy," keeps Panelist's personal information under tight control and takes security and preventive measures in order to prevent alteration, leakage, unauthorized access, etc.
  • 2. Fem Asia uses Panelist's personal information only for marketing research and invitation towards its services and never uses it for other purposes.
  • 3. Questionnaires collected from Panelists will be aggregated for stat
  • istical processing so that no individual will be identified. If a certain individual could be identified from questionnaire results, Fem Asia shall obtain the Panelist's prior consent.
  • 4. Notwithstanding the Paragraph 1 and 2 in this Article, Panelists agree to, in participating in research activities conducted by Fem Asia, the fact that information necessary for marketing measures will be provided to client corporations, and observation, videotaping, audio-recording will be carried out during research activities. The visual and audio-recording recorded during this process and other written materials belong to Fem Asia and might be provided to client corporations and other organizations. Fem Asia might outsource the editing of those recordings.
  • 5. Fem Asia signs a confidentiality agreement with client corporations, other organizations and contractors and observes the agreement.

Article 9. Panelist Obligation

1. Panelists are to accept the following as their obligations.

  • a. Update registered information within a certain period of time designated by Fem Asia.
  • b. Update their information promptly when any change has occurred.
  • c. Do not disclose/leak the content of research activities to any third party (including posts on BB/websites/blogs/SNS).
  • d. Do not provide fraudulent responses which do not match their real state of life or will/opinion.
  • e. Provide accurate response to any inquiries from Fem Asia about registered information via. phone or other means of communication.
  • f. Respond in good faith if any inquiries are made regarding interview or questionnaire responses by the Panelist.

Article 10. Compensation for Response

  • 1. Fem Asia provides Panelists cash, cash voucher, gifts and others as compensation for their research participation.
  • 2. The type, means of provision, period of provision of the compensation described in Paragraph 1 will be determined by Fem Asia and its clients on an individual research basis.
  • 3. In cases where gift winners are selected in a drawing, the drawing will be conducted strictly and the result will be announced by the gift shipment itself.
  • 4. Gifts will be shipped only to the Panelist's home address within Singapore registered with Fem Asia.
  • 5. In principle, all applications from outside Singapore and handover of rights will be nullified.
  • 6. In case gifts are undelivered due to incorrect registered information, Fem Asia does not re-send them.

Article 11. Copyright of Response

  • 1. All remarks, works, deliverables or recorded responses given by Panelists during research activities shall belong to Fem Asia. Fem Asia may select, revise or edit the response in any manner it sees fit. Panelists shall not exercise copyrights/personal rights regarding the response to Fem Asia and third parties.
  • 2. Fem Asia or client corporations and other organizations may use Panelist's response in conducted research activities and disclose it without the Panelist's consent. As for handling of registered information, refer to Article 3.

Article 12. Change in content of research activities, and suspension, discontinuance and cancellation of research activities

  • 1. Fem Asia, without any notification and regardless of Panelist's consent, may change a part of or all of the contents of its research activities, or suspend, discontinue, or cancel a part of or all of its research activities.
  • 2. Fem Asia shall not be held responsible for any inconvenience or damage Panelists may suffer due to the change or suspension described in Paragraph 1.

Article 13. Exclusive Jurisdiction by Consent

・If any dispute arises between Fem Asia and Panelist in relation to these Terms and Conditions, Singapore national court shall have the exclusive primary jurisdiction by consent.

Article 14. Other

・Fem Asia shall not be held responsible for any inconvenience or damage Panelist may suffer caused by undelivered or delayed mail correspondences, parcel deliveries, fax messages, emails sent from Fem Asia to Panelist or from Panelist to Fem Asia.